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One day, a few years ago, a chance encounter happened between two engineers who were also church organists.  For years both had been searching for an electronic organ which sounded like a pipe organ. Neither had come across such an instrument despite long trips to check exaggerated claims by many manufacturers about their latest offerings which, although sporting a fancy trade name or a suitable acronym, did not show much improvement.

It was clear that sampling technology was the best way to produce pipe-like sounds and a number of commercially available electronic organ systems were using this technology.  However, these systems were only scratching the surface what the technology could offer.

Thus Phoenix Organs was born.

The Phoenix Organ System was designed from the “ground up” with a clean sheet of paper, and is now the most flexible system in the marketplace today. Gone are the  “standard” specifications, the “standard” models. Everything is custom built and easily alterable even after the organ has been built. Mixture ranks can be added and compositions changed, pistons can be given different functions, and the control over each note of each stop uses many more parameters than our competitors have at their disposal. The system uses off the shelf sound generation chips which are easily obtained and will be with us for many years to come. Click here for a more complete description of the Phoenix Organ System. Whilst words can describe and offer explanations about the Phoenix Organ System you should really hear it for yourself and ideally arrange to play an instrument based on our System.  Review our two baseline organs (UK) and see the excellent value these instruments offer. 

The Phoenix Organ System is now used by a number of organisations.   Phoenix Organs is run by Dave Bostock who has financed and driven the development of the system.  His engineering and  programming skills, together with his tonal and musical expertise, are directly responsible for the success and flexibility of the Phoenix Organ System.  Our contacts page includes contact information for other organisations who use our system.

Phoenix Organs is a division of Davren Ltd.
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