Bangor Cathedral, North Wales

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The tonal specification was drawn up in consultation with Martin Brown the Cathedral organist. Dave Bostock of Phoenix Organs installed and finished the organ on-site: Don Anderson of Phoenix Organs America assisted with the tonal finishing.  The draw-stop console was built by Renatus of Bideford, Devon.
Anyone wishing to play the organ or have a demonstration can contact Martin Brown on 01248 353983 or by email.

Great Organ
(18 stops, 25 ranks)
Choir Organ (enclosed)
(13 stops, 16 ranks)
16 Double Open Diapason 8 Diapason
8 Open Diapason I 8 Rohr Flute
8 Open Diapason II 4 Principal
8 Stopped Diapason 4 Koppel Flute
8 Harmonic Flute 2 2/3 Nazard
5 1/3 Quint 2 Block Flute
4 Octave 1 3/5 Tierce
4 Wald Flute 1 1/3 Larigot
2 2/3 Twelfth 1 Piccolo
2 Fifteenth Scharf IV
1 3/5 Tierce 16 Cor Anglais
Fourniture IV 8 Cromorme
Cornet V 8 Tuba
16 Trombone Tremulant
8 Trumpet Swell to Choir
8 Tromba  
8 Trompette  
4 Clarion  
Swell to Great  
Choir to Great  
Swell Organ (enclosed)
(18 stops, 23 ranks)
Pedal Organ
(12 stops, 15 ranks)
16 Bourdon 32 Double Open Wood
8 Qunitadena 16 Open Wood
8 Ezhaler Celestes 16 Principal
8 Voix  Celeste 16 Bourdon
8  Diapason 8 Octave
8 Salicional 8 Bass Flute
8  Gedackt 4 Fifteenth
4 Principal Mixture IV
4 Rohr Flute 32 Contra Bombarde
2 Flautina 16 Bombarde
Mixture III 16 Posaune
Terzymbel III 8 Trumpet
16 Basson Swell to Pedal
8 Cornopean Great to Pedal
8 Trompette Choir to Pedal
8 Oboe Great / Pedal Combs
8 Vox Humana Gens on LH Toes
4 Clarion  

Registration Aids

8 independent memories for piston settings
8 thumb pistons for each of Swell, Great & Choir
8 General thumb pistons
8 toe pistons for Pedal
Reversible thumb pistons for Ch to Ped, Grt to Ped, Sw to Ped,
Sw to Grt, Sw to Choir, Choir to Grt
Reversible toe pistons for  Grt to Ped, Sw to Ped
Setter and General Cancel thumb pistons.
Phoenix Control Panel
Select temperament from:Equal, Werckmeister, Valloti, or Silbermann
Fine Tuning
Volume Control
Select piston memory
Lock piston memory
Amplification External amplification (8 channels) and speakers

Phoenix Organs 2001-2005  Last updated 17th January 2005