One manual and pedal concert organ

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The tonal specification was drawn up by Dave Bostock of Phoenix Organs.  The instrument  has been designed to operate with or without the Pedal Board (Auto Pedal facility included) and is extremely portable.  It is used with external amplification equipment and speakers.
It was recently used by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society in some of their concerts.

Great Organ
(10 stops, 13 ranks, 2 soundcards)
Swell Organ (enclosed)
(10 stops, 12 ranks, 2 soundcards)
8 Open Diapason 8 Geigen Diapason
8 Stopped Diapason 8 Leiblich Gedackt
8 Claribel Flute 8 Gamba
4 Principal 8 Voix Celeste
4 Wald Flute 4 Principal
2 2/3 Twelth 4 Nason Flute
2 Fifteenth 2 Flautino
1 Piccolo Mixture III
Mixture IV 16 Contra Fagotto
8 Trumpet 8 Cornopean
Swell to Great  
Great Unison Off  
Pedal Organ
(9 stops, 12 ranks, 1 soundcard)
32 Contra Bourdon Mixture IV
16 Open Diapason 32 Bombarde
16 Bourdon 16 Bombarde
8 Octave Great to Pedal
8 Bass Flute Swell to Pedal
4 Fifteenth AutoPedal

Registration Aids

8 independent memories for piston settings
14 General thumb pistons
Setter and General Cancel thumb pistons

Phoenix Organs 2001-2005  Last updated 17th January 2005