Danhild Musik, Vejle, Denmark

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This small instrument was built for Danhild Musik, Vejle, Denmark. The tonal specification was drawn up by Flemming Fald. The organ has both a baroque and a romantic specification that may be selected by the player. The console was built by Renatus of Bideford, Devon to a design developed specially for Danhild Musik.

Baroque Specification  
Hovedværk   ( 8 stops, 11 ranks) Svelleværk (10 stops, 13 ranks)
Salicional 16  Spidsgambe 8 
Principal 8   Gedakt 8  
Hulfløjte 8 Quintatön 8
Oktav 4  Principal 4 
Gedaktfløjte 4  Kobbelfløjte 4 
Quint 2 2/3  Blokfløjte 2 
Oktav 2   Sesquialtera II   
Mixture IV    Sharff III  
  Dulzian 16 
  Trompet 8 
Pedal (6 stops, 6 ranks)  
Subbas 16 Principal 8 
Koralbas 4  Fagot 16  
Bordun 8 Krumhorn 8  
Romantic Specification  
Hovedværk   ( 8 stops, 11 ranks) Svelleværk(Enclosed, 10 stops, 13 ranks)
Violon 16  Viola 8 
Principal 8   Gedakt 8  
Flute Harmonique 8 Vox Celeste 8
Oktav 4  Fugara 4 
Tværfløjte 4  Nathorn 4 
Larigot 2 2/3  Gemshorn 2   
Oktav 2   Sesquialtera II  
Mixture V    Tertian III
  Vox Humana 8
  Obo 8 
Pedal (6 stops, 6 ranks)  
Bordun 16 Principal 8 
Quint 10 2/3 Basun 16  
Salicional 8 Klarinet 8  
HV Tremulant SV Tremulant
SV to HV  
SV to  Pedal HV to Pedal


Expression pedal for SV
Expression pedal for HV and Pedal

Registration Aids

Reversible thumb pistons for  HV to Ped, SV to Ped, SV to HV
Stop sequencer system with 99 pages and 16 steps per page
Sequencer Advance thumb piston in each key slip
8 sequencer pistons below each manual
Setter and General Cancel thumb pistons
Phoenix LCD Panel
Select temperament from: Equal, Werckmeister, Valloti, or Silbermann
Select specification from two specifications
Fine Tuning
Volume Control
Reverberation (time and level)
Amplification 4 60watt organ amplifiers
Reverberation Unit
Built-in Speakers

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