Residence Organ for Mr Don Heady

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We are pleased to have been commissioned to build a three manual and pedal organ with both classical and theatre organ voices.  The specification is given below and the proposed layout for the console is available.  The organ is to be built into a lighted tab console. The Theatre specification is built using the unit / extension principles and includes percussion and traps.  The organ console has been delivered and the classical voices installed: the theatre voices will be completed by the end of the year.


Theatre   Classical
Great   Great
Tuba 16 Tub Double Diapason 16
Tibia 16 Tib Diapason I
Vox Humana 16 Vox Diapason II
Tuba 8 Tub Hohl Flute 8
Trumpet 8 Trp Stopped Diapason 8
Diapason 8 Dia Dulciana 8
Tibia 8 Tib Octave 4
Vox Humana 8 Vox Wald Flute 4
Celestes 8 (II) Cel Twelfth 2.2/3
Flute 8 Flt Fifteenth 2
Kinura 8 Kin Seventeenth 1.3/5
Octave 4 Dia Mixture IV
Tibia 4 Tib Sharp Mixture III
Vox Humana 4 Vox Double Tromba 16
Flute 4 Flt Tromba 8
Celestes 4 (II) Cel Clarion 4
Trumpet 4 Trp Choir to Pedal
Twelfth 2.2/3 Dia Great to Pedal
Fifteenth 2 Dia Swell to Pedal
Flautino 2 Flt Solo on Pedal
Tierce 1.3/5 Flt Gt/Pd Pistons Comb
Pedal   Pedal
Acoustic Bass 32 Flt Contra Bourdon 32
Tuba 16 Tub Open Diapason 16
Diaphone 16 Dia Violone 16
Bourdon 16 Flt Bourdon 16
Contra Viole 16 Vln Octave 8
Tuba 8 Tub Bass Flute 8
Trumpet 8 Trp Violon Cello 8
Octave 8 Dia Choral Bass 4
Tibia 8 Tib Mixture IV
Tibia 4 Tib Contra Bombarde 32
Bass Drum Tap   Bombarde 16
Cymbal   Trumpet 8
Triangle   Schalmei 4
Couplers   Floating Solo
Accomp to Pedal   Quintaton 16
Great to Pedal   Viole D'Orchestre 8
Solo to Pedal   Flute Harmonique 8
Solo to Accomp   Viole 4
Solo to Great   Cornet V
Solo Tremulant   Orchestral Oboe 8
Main Tremulant   Vox Humana 8
Tibia / Vox Tremulant   Tuba 8
Accomp / Pedal Pistons   Festival Trumpet 8
Theatre   Classical
Solo   Swell
Tuba 16 Tub Swell to Great
Tibia 16 Tib Choir to Great
Vox Humana 16 Vox Swell to Choir
Tuba 8 Tub Solo on Choir
Diapason 8 Dia Solo on Great
Tibia 8 Tib Solo on Swell
Violin 8 Vln Quintaton 16
Vox Humana 8 Vox Geigen Diapason 8
Musette 8 Ms Lieblich Gedeckt 8
Clarinet 8 Clt Salicional 8
Saxaphone 8 Sax Celeste II 8
Orchestral Oboe 8 Obo Principal 4
Tibia 5.1/3 Tib Lieblich Flute 4
Octave 4 Oct Nasard 2.2/3
Tibia 4 Tib Flautino 2
Tibia Twelfth 2.2/3 Tib Mixture III
Ocarina 2 Tib Double Trumpet 16
Flautino 2 Flt Trumpet 8
Tierce 1.3/5 Tib Hautboy 8
Xylophone   Clarion 4
Glockenspiel   Swell Tremulant
Accomp   Choir
Contra Viole 16 Vln Principal 8
Diapason 8 Dia Rohr Flute 8
Tibia 8 Tib Unda Maris II
Vox Humana 8 Vox Prestant 4
Celestes 8 (II) Cel Koppel Flute 4
Flute 8 Flt Nazard 2.2/3
Clarinet 8 Clt Block Flute 2
Octave 4 Dia Tierce 1.3/5
Tibia 4 Tib Larigot 1.1/3
Vox Humana 4 Vox Sifflote 1
Celestes 4 (II) Cel Clarinet 8
Twelfth 2.2/3 Dia Trompette 8
Flautino 2 Flt Choir Tremulant


    Classical Theatre MIDI
Departmentals 8 thumb pistons Choir 8 thumb pistons Accomp Midi on Manual I
  8 thumb pistons Great 8 thumb piston Great Midi on Manual II
  8 thumb pistons Swell 8 thumb pistons Solo Midi on Manual III
  8 toe pistons Pedal 8 toe pistons Pedal Midi on Pedal
      (MIDI pistons with indicator lamps)
Thumb Piston Reversers Choir to Pedal Accomp to Pedal  
  Great to Pedal Great to Pedal  
  Solo to Pedal Solo to Pedal  
  Swell to Choir Solo to Accomp  
  Swell to Great Solo to Great  
  Choir to Great Grand Crash  
Toe Piston Reversers Great to Pedal Great to Pedal  
  Swell to Great Train Whistle  
  Swell to Pedal Grand Crash  
Generals   8 Generals A-H 8 Generals A-H  

Ranks (For Theatre specification)

  Ranks: 9 + 4 Trem Expression
Dia Diapason Main Main
Tib Tibia Tib/Vox Main
Tub Tuba Solo Solo
Clt Clarinet Solo Solo
Trp Trumpet Solo Solo
Cel Celeste Main Main
Flt Flute Main Main
Vio Viole Solo Solo
Vox Vox Tib/Vox Main
Mus Musette Solo Solo
Kin Kinura Main Main
Obo Orchestral Oboe Solo Solo
Sax Saxaphone Solo Solo

Percussion and Traps

Solo Glockenspiel R Solo From tab on Solo    
All played from Solo manual Xylophone R Solo From tab on Solo    
Pedal Cymbal   Solo From tab on Pedal    
Bass Drum Tap   Solo From tab on Pedal    
Triangle   Solo From tab on Pedal    
Accomp Chrysoglott R Main Lighted Piston on Accomp Keyblock.
All played from Acc manual Tambourine   Main Lighted Piston on Accomp Keyblock.
Triangle   Main Lighted Piston on Accomp Keyblock.
Brush Cymbal   Main Lighted Piston on Accomp Keyblock.
Great Chimes   Solo Lighted Piston on Great Keyblock  
All played from Gt manual Vibraphone R Solo Lighted Piston on Great Keyblock  
Other Percussion Crash Cymbal   Solo Piston on Great Keyblock  
All played when piston is pressed Train Whistle   Solo Piston on Solo Keyblock & Toe Piston
Triangle   Solo Piston on Solo Keyblock  
Wood Block   Solo Piston on Solo Keyblock  
Tambourine   Solo Piston on Great Keyblock  
Grand Crash 
(crash cymbal and bass drum)
  Solo On Toe Piston & Piston under Accomp
Percussion re-iterate Enables re-iteration on stops marked 'R' Lighted Piston on Solo Keyblock  
Note: Tuned percussion plays notes as played, untuned percussion plays sound on each key press when played from manuals   

Key cheek pistons (Theatre specification only)

Solo Manual  
Wood Block   Percussion Reiterate
Train Whistle   Triangle
Great Manual  
Tambourine   Chimes
Crash Cymbal   Vibraphone
Accomp Manual  
Triangle   Chrysoglott
Brush Cymbal   Tambourine


Control Pistons
Gen Can  
8 Memory Levels selected by display
Headphone Socket x 2
Record Output
Line Input  
MIDI Out Pre Coupler
MIDI Out Post Coupler
Reverb - Lexicon with time and level control
Overall volume level

Phoenix Organs 2001-2006  Last updated 4 Setpember 2006