Christchurch, Ilkley (West Yorkshire)

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The new Phoenix Organ for Christchurch, Ilkley (Methodist / United Reformed Church) has three manuals and pedals and is housed in a fine draw-stop console. The instrument has 12 audio channels severing speakers at the West-End and 4 audio channels and speakers serving the chancel.  Installation was completed during the first quarter of 2006.

Great Organ     Swell Organ (enclosed)     Choir Organ
Double Diapason 16   Quintaton 16   Stopped Diapason 16
Large Diapason 8   Open Diapason 8   Open Diapason 8
Small Diapason 8   Stopped Diapason 8   Stopped Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason 8   Salicional 8   Cor De Nuit 8
Harmonic Flute 8   Viole Celestes II   Unda Maris 8
Dulciana 8   Principal 4   Open Flote 4
Principal 4   Nason Flute 4   Principal 4
Harmonic Flute 4   Twelfth 22/3   Flute Tweltfth 22/3
Twelfth 22/3   Fifteenth 2   Recorder 2
Fifteenth 2   Mixture III   Two and Twenty 1
Open Flute 2   Double Trumpet 16   Mixture III
Seventeenth 13/5   Bassoon 16   Tuba 8
Mixture IV   Cornopean 8   Crumhorn 8
Sharp Mixture III   Oboe 8   Hautboy 8
Double Trumpet 16   Vox Humana 8   Glockenspiel 8
Trumpet 8   Clarion 4   Tremulant  
Swell to Great     Tremulant     Swell to Choir  
Choir to Great     Swell Octave        
Grt & Ped Enclosed     Swell SubOctave        
      Generals on Swell Toes        
Pedal Organ     Stop Control        
Sub Bourdon 32   8 thumb pistons to each manual division
8 General thumb pistons
8 toe pistons to Pedal
8 General toe pistons
8 Levels of piston memory
Stop sequencer with advance thumb pistons in each keyslip and advance toe piston; sequencer back piston in choir keyslip.
Reversible thumb pistons to inter-manual and pedal couplers
Reversible toe pistons to Sw to Grt and Grt to Pedal.
General Cancel and set thumb pistons.
Open Diapason 16  
Open Wood 16  
Violone 16  
Bourdon 16  
Quint 102/3  
Principal 8  
Bass Flue 8  
Choral Bass 4  
Open Flute 4  
Mixture IV   Audio        
Contra Bombarde 32   16 audio channels, 12 to the West-end and 4 to the Chancel
Digital reverberation Unit
Switch " West-End Off"
Chancel Volume Control
Bombarde 16  
Sackbut 16  
Trompette 8  
Schalmei 4   Controls        
Great to Pedal     Phoenix Control Pistons  and LCD Display for selecting piston memory, temperament, tuning, transposer, volume, reverberation (level and time).


Swell to Pedal    
Choir to Pedal    
Grt & Ped Combinations Coupled    
Auto Pedal              

The console layout is also available.


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