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Phoenix Organs are delighted to have been chosen to build a new digital organ for Lichfield Cathedral which will be used alongside the great Hill organ recently restored by Harrison and Harrison. 

The Phoenix Organ will have three manuals and pedals with a fine draw-stop console.  The console will be mounted on a moveable platform to enable the instrument to be used in different parts of the Cathedral and three independent speaker installations will be installed at the West End, in the nave and in the Lady Chapel to facilitate this.

The organ will have a comprehensive range of registration aids including "ventil" pistons and a stop sequencer.  The instrument will have English, French and German voices and a switch on the console will allow the player to select which specification is active.  When the French specification is selected the Great Organ will be played from the lowest manual and the Choir from the middle manual; the  piston settings will follow their division.

The organ will also have a Pedal Divide feature to enable a solo voice and accompaniment below to be played on the Pedals.  (When the Pedal Divide is selected, the Pedal stops only play below the divide point, and only manual divisions coupled to the pedal will play from the divide point and above.)

Installation is expected to be completed in March 2007.

Great Organ

16  Montre
16  Bourdon
8   Montre
8   Principal
8   Gamba
8   Flute Harmonique
8   Bourdon
1/3 Gross Quinte
4   Octave
4   Flute Ouverte
1/5 Gross Tierce
2   Doublette
2   Flute
V   Cornet
IV  Fourniture
IV  Cymbale
    Great Reeds on Choir
    Great Reeds on Pedal
16 Bombarde
8  Trompette
4  Clairon
   Swell to Great
   Choir to Great

  Swell Organ (enclosed)

16 Quintaton
8  Montre
8  Cor de Nuit
8  Salicional
II  Voix Celeste
4  Prestant
4  Flute Octaviante
2/3 Nazard
2  Octavin
3/5 Tierce
1/3 Larigot
IV Plein Jeu
    Swell Reeds on Pedal
16 Bombarde
16 Basson
8  Trompette
8  Hautbois
8  Voix Humaine
4  Clairon
   Sub Octave
   Swell Unison Off

  Choir Organ (enclosed)

16  Contre Viole
8   Viole de Gambe
II   Viole Celestes
II   Unda Maris
4   Viole Octaviante
III  Cornet des Violes
8   Bourdon
4   Prestant
4   Flute Harmonique
2   Octavin
II   Sesquialtera
16  Cor Anglais
8   Cromorne
8   French Horn
8   Trompette en Chamade
8   Tuba Magna
     Sub Octave
     Unison Off
     Swell to Choir

Pedal Organ

32 Principal
32 Contrebasse
16 Principal
16 Contrebasse
16 Violonbasse
16 Bourdon
2/3 Quinte
8   Octave
8   Bourdon
2/5 Tierce
4/7 Septieme
4   Prestant
IV  Mixture
32  Contra Bombarde
16  Bombarde
16  Basson
8  Trompette
4  Clairon
   Swell to Pedal
   Great to Pedal
   Choir to Pedal
   Gt & Pd Pistons Cou

   Generals on Swell Toe
   Pedal Divide


8 Pistons to Swell
8 Pistons to Great
8 Pistons to Choir
12 General Pistons
(in one line along top manual)
6 Reversible Couplers
Set & General Cancel Pistons
3 ‘Sequence Plus’ Pistons
1 ‘Sequence Minus’ Piston
4 Ventil pistons

99 Memory levels
Piston Sequencer

8 Pedal Toe Pistons
8 Swell Toe Pistons
2 Pedal Toe Piston Reversers
‘Sequence Plus’ Toe Piston

  Audio Channels

West End:
12 full range
2 high power reed
2 sub

10 full range
2 high power reed
1 sub

Lady Chapel:
7 full range
1 sub


  • Equal
  • Meantone
  • Werkmeister
  • Vallotti


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