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The pipe organ in Sheffield Cathedral was built by N.P. Mander Ltd of London in 1966 and incorporated some pipe-work from an 1877 Father Willis organ, originally in St Paul's Church Bow Common, London.  In 1997 it became apparent that major work would be needed to keep this instrument in working order and the following year it became clear that this instrument could not continue to be used and that it should be replaced with a new organ.

The Cathedral's long-term plan was (and continues to be) that it should install the finest quality pipe organ and therefore it was deemed not sensible to spend large amounts of money repairing the Mander organ.  So, in 1998, the Cathedral installed a "state of the art" digital organ as a temporary measure. 

In 2006 Phoenix Organs were chosen to rebuild this instrument, replacing the electronics and amplifiers but making use of the draw-stop console and speakers.  The updated instrument was commissioned during February and March 2006 and the specification of the Phoenix Organ in the Cathedral is given below.

Great Organ     Swell Organ(Enclosed)     Choir Organ (Enclosed)  
Bourdon 16   Bourdon 16   Quintaton 16
Open Diapason 1 8   Open Diapason 8   Open Diapason 8
Open Diapason 2 8   Rohr Flute 8   Chimney Flute 8
Hohl Flute 8   Flute Traversiere 8   Bourdon 8
Flute Harmonique 8   Voix Celestes 8 (II)   Unda Maris 8 (II)
Principal 4   Principal 4   Quinte 51/3
Wald Flute 4   Open Flute 4   Principal 4
Quinte 22/3   Octave 2   Spitz Flute 4
Fifteenth 2   Mixture (Tierce) III   Nazard 22/3
Mixture VI   Mixture V   Piccolo 2
Double Trumpet 16   Contra Fagotto 16   Tierce 13/5
Trumpet 8   Trumpet 8   Larigot 11/3
Clarion 4   Oboe 8   Septieme 11/7
Swell to Great     Vox Humana 8   Mixture IV
Choir to Great     Clarion 4   Corno di Bassetto 8
Solo to Great     Tremulant     Tremulant  
      Octave     Octave  
      Unison Off     Unison Off  
      Sub Octave     Sub Octave  
      Solo to Swell     Swell to Choir  
            Solo to Choir  
Pedal Organ     Solo Organ(Enclosed)        
Sub Bass 32   Violon-basse 16      
Montre 16   Harmonic Flute 8      
Soubasse 16   Gamba 8      
Violone 16   Violes Celestes 8(II)      
Flute 16   Concert Flute 4      
Quinte 102/3   Grand Cornet V      
Principal 8   Cor Anglais 8      
Bass Flute 8   Tuba Mirabilis (unenc) 8      
Tierce 62/5   Tremulant        
Quinte 51/3   Octave        
Septieme 44/7   Unison Off        
Flute 4   Sub Octave        
Open Flute 2            
Mixture IV   Stop control        
Contra Bombarde 32   Eight thumb pistons to each of  Great, Swell, Choir and Solo
Eight toe pistons to Swell  and to Pedal
(switchable to general pistons)
Eight memories for the departmental pistons
10 thumb and 4 toe reverser pistons
Sixteen general Thumb pistons with 99 memory levels
Stop Sequencer (operates with generals)
Bombarde 16    
Clarion 8    
Shawm 4    
Great to Pedal      
Swell to Pedal              
Choir to Pedal     Controls        
Solo to Pedal     Phoenix Control Pistons  and LCD Display for selecting piston memory, temperament, tuning, transposer, volume, reverberation (level and time), and voicing.  
Grt & Ped pistons coupled      
Pedal Divide      

The new Phoenix installation  includes 20 independent sound channels and amplifiers, a digital reverberation system and will make use of the 28 speaker units at the East-end and 8 speakers at the West-end of the Cathedral.  The organ  includes a Pedal Divide feature.  When this is engaged, below the divide point pedal division stops but not the manual to pedal couplers play and from the divide point upwards only manual to pedal couplers  play. The divide point  may be selected at the console (BB, C or C#). 

The Cathedral web-site gives details of services and includes a tour of the building.  The Cathedral Choir web-site gives full details of the musical life of the Cathedral.


Phoenix Organs 2001-2006  Last updated 5th May 2006