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Everything about a Phoenix Organ makes it authentic to its pipe organ counterpart.   Our goal is to build for you the best possible musical instrument that will meet your particular needs.  We can provide whatever tonal palate you wish, be it  Baroque, Romantic, French, English, American or your own eclectic choice.  Our designers can assist you in ensuring that the instrument has musical integrity and meets your musical requirements.   Staff at Phoenix Organs have extensive experience of designing organs for both liturgical and concert use.

The Phoenix Organ System was developed in the UK and has been designed from the “ground up”, with no technical pre-conceptions, and is the most flexible on the market today. We continue to develop the system in UK.  Recent developments have enabled us to increase the amount of memory available to store sound samples  (up to 2048MBytes in our largest systems) further enhancing the quality and authenticity of the Phoenix Sound.  All the Phoenix Organ Systems used in instruments built in the UK and overseas are manufactured in the UK.

Old-world craftsmanship and the highest standards of excellence characterise the design and construction of our consoles.  The electronic elements of our organs are built to the highest standards and fully tested before shipping: we use standard electronic components to ensure their on-going availability. The sounds emanating from a Phoenix Organ, along with the look and feel of the console, will convince you that you are playing a truly fine pipe organ, one that you will  enjoy playing over and over again.

We believe that our instruments are the best substitute for the real thing.

Explore this site to find out why and order the CD to hear for yourself.  We can arrange demonstrations so that you can try out our organs yourself.  Contact your nearest agent or contact us directly.

To help you appreciate the excellent value our organs offer, we have prepared   specifications for a two manual and a three manual organ.  Please contact us (without obligation) for the current prices of these instruments  - we promise you will be pleasantly surprised.   The recent installation section of the web-site provides comprehensive details of some of the instruments we have recently installed.


What some of our customers have said about Phoenix Organs

"For some time I had been exploring the different options available for an organ for private practice.  Only when I heard the Phoenix system did I contemplate a digital organ for my house; the extraordinary realism together with the very comfortable and superbly finished consoles make Phoenix unequalled by any other digital organ system.  In addition, the style of organ and specification are completely at the choice of the client; this, together with the highly-sophisticated voicing software, means that there is never a feeling of having to live with something which is not exactly as one wants it.  I am delighted with the very beautiful tonal results Phoenix has achieved."

Robert Sharpe (Director of Music, Truro Cathedral)


"The Phoenix organ at Penallt has exceeded all expectations, not just in  the realism of its sound but in the variety and authenticity of its colours. It demonstrates persuasively that given high quality samples,  amplification and digital design systems the physical limitations   suggested by a traditional pipe organ can be left behind whilst  maintaining the aural illusion of a fine pipe instrument."

David R Murray (Penallt Church Organist)

To receive a copy of our CD demonstrating the beautiful sounds of a Phoenix Organ then click on the CD icon. (Please remember to include your full postal address). 

Recent News (February 2006)
New audio samples on the web site
Listen to the Phoenix Organ in Leeds Cathedral and their fine choirs. Go to the audio samples page.
Some recent orders
Phoenix Organs has been invited to rebuild the four manual and pedal digital organ in Sheffield Cathedral.  We shall make use of the console and speaker system from the existing instrument and provide a new Phoenix Organ System and amplifiers.  The Cathedral's pipe organ has been out of use since 1998 and the rebuilt organ will be the main instrument used in the Cathedral. Details are available on-line and the installation is expected to be completed by the end of March 2006.
We have been asked to supply a three manual and pedal organ with draw-stop console for Christchurch Ilkley for installation early in 2006. Details on-line.
We have received an order to build a three manual and pedal organ with theatre and classical voicing for delivery to Mr Don Heady early in 2006.
Phoenix Organs has been commissioned to provide six additional digital stops for the
organ in Brecon Cathedral.
Knutsford Methodist Church has ordered a new three manual and pedal organ for delivery in 2006 following some refurbishment of the Church.
A Phoenix Organ Calendar for 2006 is available.
Some recent installations
We are pleased to announce that we have completed the installation of a new three manual and pedal organ for  Warrington Parish Church.  Details on-line.
The new two manual and pedal Phoenix organ for Church of Christ the King in Burnley was completed in late November 2005.
The new three manual and pedal organ for St Bendedict's Cowpen (Northumberland) was now been installed.
We are pleased to have been commissioned to build a three manual and pedal organ for the home of Mr Bill Wood of County Durham. Installation was completed in January. The details are available online.
We are delighted to have completed the installation of a large three manual and pedal home organ for David Murray (the organist at the Old Church, Penallt). Installation was completed in November.

We are pleased to have supplied a large Phoenix system to be used in a new organ for Nottingham High School for Boys.  This instrument has been built into an existing  three manual draw-stop console and has three different specifications using different sound samples. (We worked on this project with Bob Mosley of Dukeries Organs.)
Our  three manual (and pedal) demonstration organ installed on a temporary basis in Dore Abbey, Herefordshire has now been purchased by the Abbey.  We will be carrying out some minor tonal revisions and voicing regulation early in 2006.
We have recently installed a new three manual organ in a draw-stop console in Staveley Parish Church (Derbyshire).
We installed a new large three manual and pedal instrument, with a fine draw-stop console, in the home of Mr Neil Page (Devon) in October. 
Also in October, we installed new Phoenix electronics into a rebuilt two manual and pedal draw-stop console for the residence of Dr Chris Anderson (Cambridge).
In September David Briggs gave the opening recital on the three manual (and pedal) organ we installed during the summer in Kilmore Church, Dervaig on the Isle of Mull. The organ has a distinctly French accent and the specification is available. Renatus provided new casework to contain the speakers.
Malcolm Archer (St Paul's Cathedral, London) recent gave a fine recital on the large four manual (and pedal) organ in St John the Baptist Broughton (near Preston) we installed in April 2005.
Leeds Cathedral
The new four manual Phoenix Organ was installed at the end of February 2005. The fourth manual is an Echo/Bombard division rather than the more usual Solo Organ.
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