Three Manual and Pedal Base-line Phoenix Organ

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This three manual and pedal Phoenix organ has 44 speaking stops and an illuminating stop key console with the stops above the top manual.  The organ has six  audio channels and a choice of internal or external speakers.

This organ  is one of our "baseline" instruments which is available in the UK at a very attractive and competitive  price.  Please contact us to ask for the current price of this instrument (without obligation) - we hope you you will be pleasantly surprised. Our price includes a wooden roll-top cover, and delivery, installation and a matching bench.  External speakers (for home use) may be supplied in place of the internal speakers at an additional cost.
Customers may select their own specification within each department from our extensive library of carefully created sound samples, but the disposition between the manuals, style of console,  registration aids and amplification must remain the same in this "baseline" instrument. Click here for details of our two manual and pedal baseline organ.
Of course, we are always happy to discuss any particular requirements you may have and quote the cost of an instrument that is completely customised to your requirements.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitive our prices are.

Great Organ
(11 speaking  stops, 14 ranks)
Choir Organ (enclosed)
(11 speaking stops, 11 ranks)
16 Double Diapason 8 Principal
8 Open Diapason 8 Rohr Flute
8 Claribel Flute 4 Praestant
8 Stopped Diapason 4 Koppel Flute
4 Octave 2 2/3 Nazard
4 Chimney Flute 2 Block Flute
2 2/3 Twelfth 1 3/5 Tierce
2 Fifteenth 1 1/3 Larigot
1 3/5 Seventeenth 16 Cor Anglais
Fourniture IV 8 Clarinet
Trumpet 8 8 Tuba
Swell to Great Tremulant
Choir to Great Swell to Choir
Swell Organ (enclosed)
(12 speaking stops, 15 ranks)
Pedal Organ
(10 speaking stops, 13 ranks)
8 Geigen 32 Contra Bourdon
8 Gedackt 16 Principal
8 Salicional 16 Bourdon
8 Voix Celestes II 16 Violone
4 Principal 8 Octave
4 Nason Flute 8 Bass Flute
2 Flautino 4 Fifteenth
Mixture III Mixture IV
16 Contra Fagotto 32 Contra Bombarde
8 Cornopean 16 Posaune
8 Oboe Swell to Pedal
4 Clarion Great to Pedal
Tremulant Choir to Pedal
  Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled

Registration Aids

8 independent memories for piston settings
6 thumb pistons for each of Swell, Choir and Great & Pedal
8 General thumb pistons
Reversible thumb pistons for Ch to Ped, Grt to Ped, Sw to Ped,
Sw to Grt, Sw to Choir, Choir to Grt
Stop sequencer system with 99 pages and 8 steps per page
Sequencer Advance thumb piston in each key slip
Sequencer Back thumb piston (in Choir key slip)
General Pistons serve as sequencer pistons when the sequencer is not active
Setter and General Cancel thumb pistons
Phoenix LCD Display
Select temperament from: Equal, Werckmeister, Valloti, or Silbermann
Select specification from two specifications (using built-in sample sets).
Fine Tuning
Volume Control
Reverberation (time and level)
Select piston memory
Stop Sequencer On/Off
Amplification 6  60watt organ amplifiers
Reverberation Unit
6 internal speakers (option for external speakers)
External Connections Midi IN, Post Coupled OUT, Pre Coupled OUT (Data from/for expression pedals, stop changes sent and received via midi)
Stereo audio IN, Stereo audio OUT (composite of all audio channels)
2 Headphone sockets
Voicing Port (serial)




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