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The Phoenix Organ System is designed to provide the best possible substitute for a pipe-organ.  The initial choice to use sampling technology came aboustylet after very careful consideration and assessment of the market place and technological developments in IT and electronics.  By installing the Phoenix Organ System in a fine console, and providing high-quality amplifiers and speaker systems a truly magnificent digital organ be created rivalling many fine pipe organs and surpassing the quality of the mediocre and bad pipe instruments.

Our organ system is the result of careful design carried out by individuals with considerable experience in digital electronics, IT and most important organs.  Our system designers have worked with other digital organ systems and are aware of their shortcomings and have ensured that the Phoenix System overcomes these in a cost effective manner.

The Phoenix System is modular, only the elements needed for a specific instrument need be installed.  The instrument can be upgraded (rebuilt) at a latter stage and additional system elements added.  So it is possible to initially have a smaller specification, with say five soundcards and six audio channels and add more soundcards (to add more digital ranks) and more audio channels at a future time.

The system uses pipe organ samples as its basis and we are able to offer a  vast range of samples collected from instruments throughout the UK, Europe and North America.  This enables us to build for you the best possible musical instrument that will meet our particular needs.  Our system can provide whatever tonal palate you wish be it  Baroque, Romantic, French, English, American or your own eclectic choice.  Our designers can assist you in ensuring that the instrument has musical integrity and meets your musical requirements Phoenix staff have extensive experience of designing organs for both liturgical and concert use.

The Phoenix System control software has been designed to ensure that the player finds the instrument responsive even when performing the fastest passages.  Particular care has been taken in our design to ensure that no notes are missed and there is no delay in producing the sound unless the system has been set up to delay the sound production from a division to more realistically simulate its placement (for example the system might delay the production of sounds from an echo or west-end a division.

The Phoenix System can also be configured to support connections to wind blown pipes making it an excellent choice for the heart of a hybrid (pipe and digital) instrument.

The other pages in this section of the web site give some details of how the Phoenix System operates and its intrinsic functionality and capabilities.


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